Two charged with shooting to kill in separate instances

February 11, 2021

A Comanche resident has been charged with a felony count of shooting with intent to kill following an incident on Jan. 30.

According to the affidavit, a Stephens County Sheriff’s deputy was approached by two males saying they had been shot at in their truck by Bryson Hare, 20, of Comanche.

The deputy noticed damage to the truck and asked the adult male what had happened. The male responded he and Hare had gotten into a heated argument at a party on county road N2770 and that Hare had allegedly shot at them.

The deputy went to the scene and found a shotgun shell casing. He then went to Hare’s residence in Meridian and asked him to come in for questioning, which he voluntarily did.

At the sheriff’s office, Hare allegedly told deputies he did not know who pulled the trigger. He said he was being held back by a friend when he saw a muzzle flash.

The deputy returned to the scene of the alleged crime and recovered a shotgun at the residence believed to be the one used in the shooting.

A witness told deputies that Hare had allegedly threatened to kill the man. The man responded that he was going to go get a gun and shoot up the house. The homeowner then went and retrieved a shotgun to protect his property when the gun was taken from him by another person and handed to Hare who allegedly fired a warning shot into the air. The reporting complainant left with two other males in his truck when the truck headed down the driveway, Hare allegedly shot at and hit the truck.

Hare was interviewed a second time and when presented with the fact that his story was not adding up, he allegedly told deputies he was the one who shot the gun and that he was very upset and did not know if he shot once or twice.

His bond was set at $250,000.
In an unrelated case, a 17-year-old girl from Comanche is being charged with shooting with intent to kill under the youthful offender act following an incident on Feb. 5.

According to the affidavit, a deputy was sent to an address on W. Maple in Duncan where a woman had been reportedly shot.

A male witness said he and the female victim were startled when they heard someone trying to break into the home.

The man said he went to check out the noise when he heard a gunshot from the bedroom.

The man said he went towards his bedroom and ran into his ex-girlfriend, Mariah Marie Sheldon who was in another room and was allegedly holding a gun.

He wrestled the gun away from her. While he called the police, Sheldon allegedly grabbed the gun and left the residence. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Sheldon was found at her residence and was arrested and taken to the county jail where she was charged with the crime. She allegedly said she did not mean to shoot the gun.

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