CJHS track results

March 31, 2021

The Comanche Jr. High track teams participated at the Cache 7th grade and Jr. High Invitational on March 23. The Jr. Indians placed 11th in the boys’ team competition with 19 points and the Jr. Lady Indians placed sixth with 44 points on the girls’ side. In seventh grade competition, the Lady Indians placed sixth with 28.5 points and the Indians placed 10th with 21 points.

In girls’ junior high competition:

n Cheyenne Hodges - 13th in 100-meter hurdles (24.38)

n Karsynn Bowles – 11th in 800-meter run (3:08.97); 6th in 1600-meter run

n Keira Pineda – 2nd in 100-meter dash (14.10); 4th (tie) in high jump (4-04)

n Raylee Chayney – 6th in 100-meter dash (14.77)

n Mykayla Slovak – 13th in 100-meter dash (15.22)

n Arianna Cruz – 25th in 100-meter dash (16.04); 23rd in 200-meter dash (33.88)

n Raylen Parks – 33rd in 100-meter dash (16.79)

n Jorga Burns – 35th in 100-meter dash (17.42)

n Jillian Evans – 4th in 1600-meter run (6:40.71)

n Jessica Neift – 1st in discus (82-0); 3rd in shot put (25-05.25)

n Clara Black – 5th in discus (62-11); 6th in shot put (23-0)

In boys’ junior high competition:

n Brycen Lassley – 1st in 3200-meter run (11:40.65); 10th in 400-meter run (1:05.33)

n Tristin Frye – 10th in 800-meter run (2:43.44); 8th in 1600-meter run (6:08.19)

n Gage Jessen – 14th in 800-meter run (2:51.60); 18th in 400-meter run (1:09.45)

n Michael Lair – 12th in 100-meter dash (13.06)

n Jason Grissam – 22nd in 400-meter dash (1:11.25)

n Thomas Lindsay – 34th in 200-meter dash (33.32)

n Colby Shannon – 5th in long jump (17-02)

n Colton Johnson – 3rd in discus (104-03)

n Joel Howard – 6th in discus (93-03)

In girls’ 7th grade competition:

n Abigail Ralls – 15th in 800-meter run (3:25.46); 39th in 200-meter dash (39.67);

n Kilee Frye – 6th (tie) in 100-meter dash (14.91);28th in 200-meter dash (35.55)

n Jaelyn Reed – 8th in 100-meter dash (14.99)

n Kahlen Morris – 11th in 100-meter dash (15.23)

n Laynie Johnson – 18th in 100-meter dash (15.91)

n Ava Foraker – 33rd in 100-meter dash (17.17); 31st in 200-meter dash (36.81)

n Cheyenne Garcia – 36th in 100-meter dash (17.33); 35th in 200-meter dash (38.03)

n Karlye Anderson – 38th in 100-meter dash (17.86); 12th in 200-meter dash (33.00)

n Tesla Richmond – 39th in 100-meter dash (18.28); 41st in 200-meter dash (40.00)

n Savanna Sparks – 41st in 100-meter dash (18.87)

n Trinity Carlson – 42nd in 100-meter dash (19.07);48th in 200-meter dash (43.54)

n Kylie Willer – 43rd in 200-meter dash (41.16)

n Savannah Sparks – 45th in 200-meter dash (42.67)

n Brilee Combs – 7th in long jump (10.04.5)

In boys’ 7th grade competition:

n Aiden Frye – 8th in 800-meter run (2:52.04)

n Hollister Pollock – 6th in 100-meter dash (13.91); 5th in 200-meter dash (28.48)

n Klayton Smith – 17th in 100-meter dash (14.90); 26th in 200-meter dash (33.54)

n Brandon Lombard – 18th in 100-meter dash (15.05); 19th in 200-meter dash (32.34)

n Rylan White – 23rd in 100-meter dash (15.54); 22nd in 200-meter dash (33.28)

n Joey Cisneroz – 24th in 100-meter dash (15.69)

n Makisig Rogers – 26th in 100-meter dash (15.87); 29th in 200-meter dash (34.49)

n Alexander Hand – 32nd in 100-meter dash (16.56); 31st in 200-meter dash (35.96)

n Brian Roy – 33rd in 100-meter dash (16.64)

n Ryan Davis – 36th in 100-meter dash (16.85); 36th in 200-meter dash (39.60)

n Jonathan Alvarez – 2nd in discus (85-07)

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