Yates earns high school diploma and college degree at same time

by Todd Brooks

Comanche senior Gracelyn Yates has pulled off an uncommon feat, she not only is getting her high school diploma this week, but last week she received her two-year college degree, an Associates of Science degree from Cameron University.

“Gracie went about this in such a quiet manner, that I was not even aware of her accomplishment until recently,” said Steve Dunham, Comanche High School principal. “I don’t believe we have had a student earn an associate's degree and a high school diploma at the same time, at least in the 23 years I have been here. It shows what can happen when someone takes advantage of every opportunity. We’re very proud of her.”

Yates began taking college classes in her junior year and then continued to take them through the summer and into her senior year.

“I’m excited about it,” Yates said. “I put a lot of hard work into it.”

Yates has joined the Navy and is going to basic training in July.

“The Navy is going to help me pay for college and give me an opportunity to travel the world,” Yates said.

And while it was a great personal accomplishment for her, she said there was plenty of credit to go around.

“I couldn’t have done it without my parents and friends supporting and pushing me through,” Yates said.

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