Serving Fourth District constituents

by Tom Cole

A significant role of my job as Representative of the Fourth District of Oklahoma is certainly being in Washington, D.C. to cast votes, debate on my assigned committees and be the voice of my constituents. However, I also take pride in offering a variety of constituent services through the help of my staff in my Washington, D.C. office and three offices located in the Fourth District. Whether it is inquiring the status of a case at a federal agency or helping you recognize an important life event through a congressional or presidential commendation or greeting, staff in my offices are eager and ready to help you.

First, my district offices offer assistance to Fourth District constituents with issues pertaining to the federal government. Many times, agencies are slow to respond, and my office can inquire about the process. While my office is prohibited from assisting with filing of applications, caseworkers can work to inquire about the status of military and veterans affairs matters such as the Department of Finance and Accounting Service, medals and ribbons, disability and medical care concerns. My office can also inquire on pending Social Security and immigration applications. We also assist federal employees with pending personnel and workers’ compensation inquiries. If you need assistance contacting a federal agency, you can begin this process by going online to Cole.House.Gov/Services/Help-With-a-Federal-Agency. If you need assistance contacting a federal agency or have additional questions, please call my Norman office at 405-329-6500.

In addition, if you are a Fourth District constituent experiencing a passport issue and would like to request assistance, caseworkers in my district offices can also try get answers for you. For additional passport information, resources and advisories, you can visit Cole.House.Gov/Services/Passport-Assistance. 

Next, my office can assist in honoring a family member, friend or loved one through a congressional or presidential commendation or by assisting you in ordering a U.S. flag with the option of having it flown over the U.S. Capitol on the date of your choosing. If you would like to place a flag order or find more information on this service, visitCole.House.Gov/Services/Flags. To request a congressional or presidential commendation or greeting, visit Cole.House.Gov/Services/Commendations-and-Greetings-Form.

Finally, if you have the opportunity to visit our nation’s capital soon, my office can help coordinate some tours at a few of our federal buildings or point you in the right direction to schedule these on your own. To submit a request for tours and tickets at attractions in our capital, visit Cole.House.Gov/Services/Tours-and-Tickets. For inquiries or questions, you can call my Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-6165.

If you need assistance with anything described above, please do not hesitate to contact or visit any of my offices. For additional resources, visit Cole.House.Gov/Services. We look forward to serving you!