Committee meetings wrap up in Senate

by Chris Kidd

As we enter the fifth week of the session, committee work on our Senate bills is officially complete. Since session commenced, we have considered over 500 measures on an array of issues. I encourage you to sign up to receive Senate press releases. This is an efficient way to stay informed about major legislation working its way through the process. You can sign up on the Senate homepage at To catch up, you might browse through the Media section of our site to look at past releases.

This past week the remainder of my bills were passed out of committee. Here are a few of those bills. SB 1010 authorizes a person to transport live cervidae, which are deer for those not familiar with that term, into and through the state even if the animal comes from a state that prohibits such transportation from Oklahoma into or through its state.

SB1020 designates the Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture as the statutory authority over the plant pests and diseases in emergency situations, just as they are the authority for animal diseases in such situations. This bill would protect Oklahoma crops and plants in two situations. First, if plant diseases or invasive species were found in other states, this would allow ODAFF to keep those shipments from coming into Oklahoma. Second, should an Oklahoma crop become diseased or infested, that specific crop could then be quarantined, allowing all other non-affected crops to continue to move forward to market.

In addition, SB 964 is an effort to help our school districts fill empty teaching positions. This would allow retired teachers, who have received benefits for at least one year and haven’t been employed by any public school during that time, to be reemployed in common or career tech school districts for up to three years with no limitations on their earnings. Until we see more students graduating with teaching degrees, it is imperative that we utilize the experienced professionals we already have. 

On Feb. 22, we celebrated one of my favorite days at the Capitol, FFA Day. I met several outstanding FFA members from Waurika, Ryan, Ringling, Temple, Marietta, Lawton, Turner, and many others from across Oklahoma.  As a former member of Waurika FFA, I can confidently say that this organization helped shape the person I am today.

I recently attended the Southwest Oklahoma Legislative Reception at the Oklahoma History Center, Love County Jr. Livestock show, and the Ringling Chamber Banquet. I always look forward to events that allow me to gather with the great people from District 31.

Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude for receiving the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Champion Award at the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Leadership Conference.

I want to thank Lacey Beck, Central High School junior, for paging for our office last week. She is a talented student and leader, and we greatly appreciated her service to the great State of Oklahoma and the people of Senate District 31.

Again, thank you for the privilege of serving District 31 and the State of Oklahoma. If I can be of any assistance, feel free to contact me at (405) 521-5563 or