New principal excited to become a part of Comanche

March 30, 2023

Jason Schreiner will take over as the high school principal in July. Steve Dunham, the current high school principal, announced his retirement earlier this year.

Bills introduced Jason Schreiner to the board at the March meeting, where he shared his background and philosophy on education.

Schreiner has worked in both large and small districts.

“With a focus on data-driven instruction, behavioral interventions, and community and staff relations, I am confident that I am a good fit for Comanche schools,” Schreiner stated.
Schreiner is an active member of several professional organizations. He is currently a member of the CCOSA/OASSP Region 1 Executive Committee and a Northwest Advisory Council Board Member.

Jason and his wife of 20 years, Jana, will be joining the Comanche family along with his younger son and daughter, a junior and a seventh grader, respectively. He has two older sons who have already graduated high school.

“My family is excited about the opportunity presented and we look forward to becoming part of such a great school,” Schreiner said, noting that when he was doing research on the district, he felt that it was the best choice hands-down for his family. “Comanche offers many opportunities for students to succeed and I am very excited for my son and daughter to continue to grow along with the students of Comanche.”

Schreiner said his son is involved in speech and debate, while his daughter has an interest in sports.

“Comanche has a pretty strong (speech and debate) program,” Schreiner said. “And, I am looking forward to having people develop my daughter in academics and athletics.”

Schreiner is coming from Goodwell High School in the panhandle. It’s a long move, but one he and his family are looking forward to.

“(Comanche) hit all the right spots. I brought my daughter with me for the first interview and she was looking around and saying, ‘Dad, look at all the water,’” Schreiner said. “There’s just things we don’t see very often. There was already green grass. We spend a lot of time outdoors. The landscape here is beautiful. I hadn’t been to this part of the state in over 30 years. It’s a new environment for us and it’s beautiful country. I’m impressed the way the campus is laid out.”

Bills stated that there were several great applicants, but Schreiner stood out from the rest.

“He has a multitude of skill sets - federal programs, internships, technology, alternative education, standards, engagement, as well as being an excellent communicator,” Bills said.

Schreiner will also be the beneficiary of the new bond that passed that will include the high school expansion.

“With how easily that bond passed, it just goes to show the community support for the school,” Schreiner said. “The school and community are really tightly knit.”

Bills said she is excited to see the goals and vision he has for the high school students and teachers. He is excited about being a presence in the classrooms, hallways, and events.

Bills announced that a meeting would be arranged in the near future for Schreiner to meet and visit with teachers and staff.