75 Things To Know About Robert Quigley America’s Independent For President Personal Life & Platform


1. Born in Lexington KY December 15, 1966 one month early with a collapsed left lung in the early hours of a snowy morning expected to die with funeral plot and arrangements made to an exceedingly attractive socially energetic young mom.

2. First five years were mostly spent with mom, grandmother and great grandmother plus aunts and uncles spanning multiple generations.

3. Great Grandparents were well-to-do property owners with 200+ rental houses in Lexington KY, retired farmers, military, workers and business folk plus a newspaper man and politicians too. The family was busy.

4. Biological dad would ultimately die the Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court. He and the grandfathers were navy veterans and newspapermen. The name Robert has been either the first or middle name of every male direct ancestor going as far back as records are available to the dark ages of England.

5. Adopted dad was a navy pilot that would lead to Robert Quigley’s 10+ year international career in his young adulthood. As a young lad the Quigley family lived in Rota Spain where his dad was stationed at Naval Air Station Rota.

6. Robert’s first direct ancestor to arrive in the American colonies in the 1600s was a Blakeman who graduated Oxford University as a minister in western England. He brought his family and whole congregation to Connecticut at the age of around 24. 350 years later his great grandson would graduate Cambridge University.

7. Today ancestry.com provides evidence that Robert has 5.5 million blood relatives currently living in the USA; mostly Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.

8. At five years old Robert Quigley fell through his great grandmother’s attic floor while practicing his carpentry skills.

9. Quigley was a percussionist in the junior and senior high school symphony orchestras. He loves the violin and a Stradivarius look alike still sets in the corner buried behind stuff in his dining room.

10. Robert acted in two high school plays called The Death Of A Salesman and The One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

11. Q as his friends often say has horses in his blood. His grandfather owned a horse farm in Lexington KY. He rides both English and Western but prefers English. He was once thrown from a horse while getting his foot caught in the stirrup covering his head in horror as horse feet came crashing down within inches of his head then only to be drug into the pasture. Both horse and rider lived to tell the tale. His family still owns a home near the famed Kentucky Horse Park.

12. Quigley was a lifeguard during high school summers and saved several swimmers from early death.

13. Robert’s great grandmother, Mary Eliza Blakeman taught him to fish in his younger years. His Uncle Scott taught him how to hunt.

14. At 16 his navy father encouraged Robert to think carefully about a democratic or republican presidency as a career goal as both parties were deeply flawed while enjoying the usual Friday night Pizza Hut pepperoni and sausage pizzas with family.

15. Quigley graduated high school the youngest kid in his class. He started college at George Mason University intending to be an engineer.

16. Robert worked in medical examiners office and funeral home during college intending to learn anatomy and earn good cash in preparation for medical school.

17. At one point in his college years he lived in Key West FL for a couple of months gaining inspiration following the footsteps of Earnest Hemingway for his first novel titled “The Footsteps of A Traveler.”

18. Quigley lived and worked in the United Kingdom as a member of the BUNAC program for six months.

19. Robert spent a summer in Paris France living on a houseboat moored at Place de la Concord in the late 80s. He nearly fell in love and even considered the French Foreign Legion but only after too much tasty French table wine.

20. He spent time in Hamburg West Germany visiting friends during the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the Ukraine.

21. As both the book and travels continued Quigley found himself in Bahrain, home of America’s fifth fleet but absolutely prefers life in the forests as compared to Middle Eastern deserts.

22. The next stop along his journey was a six month stint in Australia where he hitchhiked across their continent with the loveliest of Australian ladies, worked in a gold mine processing plant in Coolgardie Western Australia right smack in the middle of their desert. He even came home with a rock laced glittering gold that turned out to be pyrex. It has been a great paperweight.

23. Although he toured all of Australia many adventures were lived well including swimming in the most crystal clear jungle waters in Northern Australia with Crocodiles, sleeping terrified on their desert ground in remote areas staring at stars praying that spiders and snakes wouldn’t visit for the warmth and of course an early death.

24. In Darwin Australia Quigley met up with a college buddy that had just sailed the Pacific in a sailboat. They took off to Hong Kong with the intention to stay 30 days and then head back to the states for a real life.

25. Robert’s 30 day stop over in Hong Kong turned into a ten year educational and career path that would totally transform his life and serves as the foundation that will take America to the next level of its awesome evolutionary global leadership destiny.

26. Quigley was present in Tiananmen Square China on that fateful night of June 4, 1989. He witnessed the massacre, the destruction and the callous disregard for the lives of peaceful protestors.

27. In addition to his many activities like sailing around Hong Kong Island in front of a typhoon only to capsize his catamaran in the shipping channels just outside Stanley Bay, he worked in stock exchange finance, started law school at the University of London & University of Hong Kong joint LLB program, taught English and learned some Chinese on the side.

28. During Robert’s stay in Hong Kong his girlfriend at the time was a professional violinist with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. On several occasions he was in attendance at private concerts with Luciano Pavarotti the world’s best tenor.

29. It was his Hong Kong years when Quigley got deeply involved with international trade, product manufacturing and saw first hand the Chinese full scale national adoption of cottage industry principles to build their powerhouse consumer products production export industry. An entrepreneur was in full bloom.

30. After a couple of years in Hong Kong Robert based himself in Taipei Taiwan, participated at the grassroots level in the democratization of Taiwan while traveling back and forth between London & Cambridge England earning his first law degree and law certificates. He worked even deeper in the production world, education, publishing and finance. His time off might have been a movie with his future Taiwanese wife or a dinner with expats sharing notes covering the activities and opportunities occurring around East Asia for ambitious entrepreneurs from around the world.

31. Quigley mounted Alishan and Yushan both the tallest peaks in Taiwan as well as the Everest Base Camp in Nepal and Mt Fuji in Japan during his life in East Asia. His businesses took him to Tokyo, Seoul and Malaysia frequently.

32. Robert would eventually earn law degrees from Cambridge and the University of Miami too. Why Miami many people ask? He needed a beach break from life. He would also eventually pass bar exams in Michigan and New York.

33. Quigley and his wife soon gave up their car and took to scooters to avoid traffic and actually travel around Taiwan and it’s very congested roads.

34. Robert while using free local phones in the Hong Kong Hilton Hotel unexpectedly bumped into his aunt that had been standing by in anxious curiosity waiting for her nephew to make his appointments on the phone. Neither knew each other were simultaneously in Hong Kong at that time.

35. Quigley had well over one million air miles during his Asian Years and that’s when 10,000 miles got one a free one way ticket to most places and seats were usually available. Interestingly he hates flying to this very day lol.

36. All adventures must turn pages and eventually Robert headed back to the states first giving San Francisco a test drive and again in San Diego.

37. Quigley almost died after being hit by a speeding van on Market Street in San Francisco days before his bar exam. He didn’t break a bone, was badly bruised, made the bar examine but gave up on settling in CA.

38. Eventually Robert and Candice settled in Washington DC and rented the cheapest nice apt they could find; a brand new one bedroom for $485 per month.

39. Career wise they continued in the product world but in the USA it was selling leathercraft products, making leathercraft products, owning and operating retail stores.

40. Good fortune comes to those willing to take risks and think out of the box. His same apartment neighborhood and good timed but coincidental lunch with friends led him to the best real estate purchase of a lifetime. He bought his DC house for a song and totally rebuilt it with his own labor and skills.

41. Robert has read the economist for 40 straight years without missing an issue and daily papers for all of his life. Quigley is most likely the true source of the famous Big Mac index used to describe purchasing power parity across currencies and nations.

42. Quigley once worked as a bar tender in a Fleet Street Pub in London England and was offered $100,000 per year to be a professional sniffer for the perfume division of a consumer products company called Unilever.

43. Robert and his British colleagues went deep sea fishing in the Andaman Sea while based in Hong Kong and in one day they experienced the best fishing trip of a lifetime. They caught two sword fish and two king fish. Robert took his swordfish back to his hotel, made a deal with the head chef and enjoyed sumptuous dishes three times per day while in Phuket Thailand.

44. Robert has five siblings.

45. Quigley has no kids but raised his oldest niece.

46. Robert has a 135 IQ.

47. Quigley’s favorite entertainment is Broadway, The West End and good comedy.

48. Robert loves baseball, basketball, football and tennis. He played all at various times in his life. His first baseball game was the Detroit Tigers in Baltimore in 1984 the year they won the World Series. He loves The Kentucky Wildcats and loved watching Dicky Beal the short guy on the team slam-dunk balls. He has a set of golf clubs that have collected dust in his basement for decades.

49. Quigley prefers driving hybrids and or electric vehicles. He learned to drive 18-wheeler semi-trucks during his Australian adventures. He drove coast to coast four times in America in a Mazda Miata taking the back roads whenever possible. He traveled the eastern seaboard on his Honda 500 CC motorcycle from Maine to Fl as a youth. Between his curious adventures and business travel Robert has visited every American state and territory.

50. Robert & Candice have owned and operated a dozen small businesses in DC since 2000.

51. Quigley solves problems in his sleep. His mind naturally constructs, deconstructs and reassembles puzzles and problems from all sorts of fields as easily as a gymnast swirls through the air or tippy toes across high wires. He often sees what others don’t recognize as being present.

52. Robert loves soups, salads and light fare. He could almost live on pastries, coffee and juice.

53. Quigley rarely drinks alcohol, has never smoked and has never used drugs yet his life projects have made him a near expert on the issue.

54. Robert was baptized a Catholic, has all Christian religions in his family including Buddhism and almost earned a dual divinity degree along with his law degrees but instead opted to gather all of the holy books on the planet and read them in English instead.

55. Quigley loves hiking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, and learning about humanity in all of its forms and history. He has hiked part of the Appalachian Trail and owned a retail store with his wife in Harpers Ferry WV.

56. Between money and experiences Robert has lived a life pursuing experiences; after all the money stays behind and only the love and warmth continues the journey through time and space.

57. Robert’s favorite country is America. His favorite region is the green forested Appalachian Mountains stretching the East Coast. His most cherished goal and there are many is to repair the massive harm humanity has inflicted on this rare precious little spec of dirt, water, air and all of it’s inhabitants that we call earth.


The Major Points

1.We have a short window of time in which to repair the climate, reforest, re-wild, and reconfigure our planet before humanity comes face to face with the inevitable unforgiving, uncaring wrath of the universe. We will build DAC plants to clean CO2 from the air, desalination plants to pipe fresh water around the USA, plant forests, establish strict non-hunting nature reserves, rebuild species populations, reduce fossil fuel usage, and generally reconfigure our wacky wasteful societies.

2. Quigley will reshape our national healthcare system and divide it into a free primary preventive care system with everything currently in existence lumped into a secondary more intensive healthcare treatment system. Better to catch disease early and prevent it from happening than to wait for full blown illness that takes millions to treat and often ends in early death. Hence we will lower the system wide costs while improving the care for all Americans. We will be educating more doctors and nurses too.

3. Robert a life long entrepreneur and small business owner knows better than most the value in every way possible in helping folks take care of themselves. We will create 30 million new business owners and make individuals, families, communities and the country a thousand times more resilient. Every imaginable business will be included and the road to resiliency is tweaking the SBA. Business is about risks and the SBA must be about risks too.

4. Quigley firmly believes that our rapidly “move around culture” must slow a bit and folks must better plant roots in their communities. In this vein we will tweak the FHA and raise homeownership to the 85% to 90% level. If a renter can pay rent for 2 or 3 years in a timely fashion then a mortgage will be available. Income stability not credit scores will be our lending focus.

5. Robert will return all student loans to bankrupt-ability status as they were in the beginning. Enriching the loan servicers was never a good idea. Just like all unsecured debt student loans will be dischargeable. Result will be to force colleges and universities to actually provide a marketable education in fact and not just some so called opportunity. We will even hold back a part of the loan money to make sure students become gainfully employed with their education.

6. Quigley a life long student of economics and financial systems will tweak the Federal Reserve putting the focus on maintaining a proper balance between financial resources and goods & services which results in lowered prices across the board.

7. Robert will reshore massive amounts of production from overseas countries and use the cottage industry to make it happen. We did it once and we will do it again. The race to the bottom is over and tariffs will be changed.

8. Quigley will fully legalize cannabis in all of its forms, expunge convictions and use it’s tax to support drug rehab programs.

9. America needs a strong military and Quigley coming from a naval family fully understanding the history of war and it’s place in peaceful stability across the planet will continue to build on our strengths.

10. God is always welcome at Robert’s governing table. For the agnostic and non-believers Robert’s view is logical, heartfelt, spiritual, scientific and clearly a CYA position. Better to believe and be wrong then to ignore and be condemned.

11. The White House is about national security and national welfare. We must take care of our neighbors and lead the world. By the same token bedroom and cultural issues which the President can’t control and shouldn’t be distracted by will be left to the private choices of all citizens. Kids will be protected from unnatural medical practices.

12. One of Quigley’s favorite Presidents is Andrew Jackson. Not for slavery and Indians of course but because he recognized early on that a great tension between the courts and the executive and legislative branches of government was going to serve America badly. The courts look back in history to solve problems. The legislators try to avoid future problems and the executive must keep an eye on the horizon to avoid catastrophic problems as well as implement the current law. Herein lies the great tension so many scholars miss. Hence, lifetime appointments will go. The number of Supreme Court Justices will be increased. The court’s jurisdiction and daily functions are going to be reformed. We need a court that looks like America not a small cliquish cloistered group of folks hanging out in law libraries. The time to change has come.

13. Robert will fully recognize Taiwan as an independent sovereign country. Chinese belligerence over the issue will be used to greatly curtail and or cut off all trade with China. We will encourage our neighbors and allies to close ranks and isolate China in every way possible if that is what is needed to maintain peace. Plus China is the main driver of the huge drug assault on our shores. They have been perpetrating a modern opium war against our great land.

14. Quigley will close the southern border. We will enhance our troop presence by at least 25,000 full time army troops, call on the national guard when needed and declare a national emergency to close it and make it happen pronto. In addition, the Quigley Administration will not respect the borders or sovereignty of any Latin American country when it comes to the drug wars. We will hunt the drug players down and wherever they are found the ultimate punishment meted out during war will be delivered. War comes with uniforms and sometimes it comes in civilian clothes. This is a war that Quigley intends to win.

15. Robert fully supports both the Israelis and Palestinians. We will require the social, economic and civil integration of these two populations and or two complete separate countries with appropriate land divisions as the price for continued American support in the region. Peace must be the goal here and we must achieve it with new solutions not the old status quo window dressed answers that have failed for 75 years. In short, we can’t have wealth living next to abject starving poverty and destitution while expecting peace.

16. Quigley fully supports the Ukrainian drive all the way to Moscow. Russia will be given one opportunity for a peaceful reset and rebuilding of the massive Ukrainian destruction and loss of life. If failure is our result then every weapon in the US and NATO arsenal will be provided to the Ukrainians. It is their fight. We are their suppliers. If they choose to show no mercy then so be it. However, if the Russians choose peace then we will make it happen. Life in the jungle requires the willingness to die so that others can live better. For 125 years the Russians and to a lesser extent the CCP have given the world war and conflict. Humanity should be united in the preservation of life on earth but those who fail to bury hatchets and join Team Humanity must be struck down like an annoying fly buzzing around our ears.

17. Climate migration is well underway. We must repair the planet. Plan and coordinate this massive shift in population and better manage the resources that remain.

18. Abortion, yes a topic held back toward the end of this article is neither an all yes nor an all no situation. Robert fully supports birth control. Better to develop ways to prevent conception and avoid the moral complications. Reagan said it best, everybody that supports abortion has already been born. For the most part Quigley supports the rights of unborn kids. Science will help us determine viability. All sorts of unnatural variables come into play. The courts will do a fine job sorting out the middle gray area. Uncontrolled population growth means Robert Malthus is right. We are doomed. On the other hand, smart procreation and the rights of the unborn may very well lead us to the next planet on the other side of the solar system, which will need massive engineering genus. We kill Mozart and Einsteins at our own peril.

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