McEntire will not seek reelection

November 30, 2023

Oklahoma State Representative Marcus McEntire, R-Duncan, announced he will not seek reelection for House District 50 - a seat representing Stephens and Jefferson counties in southwest Oklahoma.

McEntire was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2016 and has served as the chairman of the Appropriations and Budget Health Subcommittee since 2018. He oversaw the second-largest budget segment (behind education) in the state and created a savings account to ensure Oklahoma medical providers are paid during future budget failures. He has received more than two-dozen awards recognizing his outstanding service and problem-solving skills throughout his legislative career.

Throughout his tenure, McEntire has been a passionate advocate for his constituents, focusing on improving rural health care. McEntire successfully shepherded legislative initiatives to save rural nursing homes and rural hospitals from closing by increasing funding and incentivizing the quality of their care. McEntire has been instrumental in protecting rural pharmacies and rural providers such as nurse anesthetists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

McEntire led a coalition to increase price transparency for the opaque Pharmacy Benefit Management industry (PBMs) to reduce prescription costs for his fellow Oklahomans. He successfully guided and passed the most far-reaching transparency regulations on the PBM industry in the country. Additionally, McEntire revolutionized healthcare in Oklahoma when he authored the policy to create the SoonerSelect program for the voter-mandated Medicaid Expansion population and did it in a budget-neutral way to not increase tax burdens on Oklahomans. The Medicaid policy he authored brings over $1 billion in new money into Oklahoma every year and holds providers to quality standards.

McEntire said his decision to retire from the State Legislature was a difficult one and came after careful consideration and consultation with his family.

"I am conflicted about leaving because there are policies that likely need my shepherding, but it is time to be more present with my wife and children who have felt my absence more than anyone. I appreciate their sacrifice these eight years, and I know they are proud of what I have been able to accomplish for Oklahomans and the district. They are proud of how I have conducted myself with courage and integrity as a legislator, and they are proud of how I attempted to bring a voice of reason and peace to controversies and to an institutional process that can be anything but reasonable or peaceful.

"Representing District 50 has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am humbled by and appreciative for the support I have received during my time in office from my family and constituents," McEntire continued. "Also, I am grateful for the trust and support bestowed upon me by my colleagues in the Legislature. While I have chosen not to run for reelection, I remain committed to serving our community and state."