Light agenda for school board

January 22, 2024

The Comanche Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Board members approved various routine consent agenda items, including the minutes of the December board meeting, activity fund reports, and the treasurer’s report. The board also approved General Fund, Child Nutrition, and Bond Fund encumbrances.

In additional reports from Superintendent Julie Bills, board members learned about professional development sessions held on Wednesday, Jan. 3, with discussions on focusing student data and how to help cross curricular with test preparation and move the kids on the bubble.

Teachers had time to analyze benchmark data and plan for student improvement.

Bills shared with the board her excitement that Mr. Basset is finally here and able to engage with the band program. The Tilley Foundation has donated $3,000 to the district for use to meet personal needs of students. Bills expressed her gratitude for the community partners who are willing to help students.

January is School Board Appreciation Month. Superintendent Bills expressed her gratitude to the members for their time and dedication to the district. Charlie Gay, Amy Shelby, Thomas Winton, Marty Clark, and Cody Gerard were recognized for their continued service to the district.

The board also approved the transfer of Oklahoma Liquid Asset Pool (OLAP) interest and dividend earnings from building bond fund and sinking fund to the building fund (#21).