Biden throttles American-made energy

by Tom Cole

President Biden has progressives alongside the likes of dictators from Russia and Iran to Communist China celebrating. The White House has given them a “Green New Deal” gift by announcing a moratorium on pending and new application permits for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals across the country. The move directly targets American-made energy. It will sacrifice jobs, economic growth, and energy security here at home, while also punishing our allies abroad.

Devoid of reality, the policy won’t help tackle climate change. In fact, this targeting of LNG will likely make greenhouse emissions worse. This is a point sorely missed by the climate activists, TikTok influencers, and billionaire donors pushing this effort.

While the administration won’t admit it, we can support both productivity and sustainability for the future. Natural gas is a critical component of that objective. The United States is the top producer and exporter of natural gas in the world, and Oklahoma proudly supports that supply. We are the fifth-largest natural gas producing state in the country, with millions of residents, nearly 350,000 jobs, and billions of dollars of economic impact bolstered by the industry in our communities alone.

The economic and developmental gains aren’t the only advantages. The growing use of U.S. natural gas has brought our carbon dioxide (C02) emissions to generational lows, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. From 2005 to 2019, natural gas accounted for more than 60% of C02 emissions reductions from the U.S. power sector.

Blatantly ignoring these realities certainly does not follow the science. However, it will hurt American families and punish our allies—all while bankrolling Putin’s war against the West and enriching the world’s worst polluters. American LNG has been a lifeline to our European partners. We’ve provided a critical alternative to Russian energy exports and reduced natural gas prices in Europe by over 83% from 2022 levels. And let us not overlook that U.S. LNG is more than 40% cleaner than Russian natural gas.

President Biden’s decision to limit our exports will force our friends in Europe and Asia to turn to Russia, Iran, and China to keep their lights on and houses heated. Putting a geopolitical tool in the hands of our enemies is reckless, and we’ve sent a dangerous signal that the U.S. is not a reliable partner.

I will not stand idle as these harmful energy policies empower tyrants at the expense of hardworking Americans and our national and economic security. I’m committed to promoting an all-of-the-above energy approach that lowers prices for families and strengthens America's position as a leader in energy production. It’s exactly why I have supported legislation to unleash domestic production, increase job opportunities, lower energy costs for consumers, and restore our energy independence. It’s also why I’ll be supporting the Unlocking Domestic LNG Potential Act, legislation to end President Biden’s efforts to hamper U.S.-led LNG, as it comes to the House floor.

We all want an energy future that makes us safer and stronger in the future. Ceding American leadership to our adversaries won’t get us there. It’s time to reverse these harmful policies and send an unmistakable message to the world: Sustained U.S. LNG production means greater security, lower prices for families, and America leading in energy innovation.