Illegal immigration punishes working Oklahomans

by Paul Bondar

The U.S.-Mexico border is about 550 miles from the City of Ardmore, but when the Federal government fails to do its job, every state becomes a border state, and Oklahoma is no exception.

Every Republican understands the inherent risks of having wide open borders. We know illegal immigration is an urgent public health and public safety crisis. Joe Biden has flooded our country with people who have unknown diseases, unknown criminal histories, and unknown intentions. But, even if those obvious risks were off the table, we would still see a devastating impact on Oklahoma's working men and women.

Labor is a commodity just like wheat, crude oil, or gold. The market forces of supply and demand determine its value. When the demand is high, and the supply is low, the price goes up. Conversely, when the demand is low, and the supply is high, the price goes down. An influx of workers into the American labor market means salaries plummet for every wage-earner in Oklahoma.

Congress must act.

Within my first year representing the people of Oklahoma's Fourth Congressional District, I will spearhead the following five initiatives to secure our border with Mexico:

1. Legislation—Congress can pass laws to fund and implement basic border security measures, such as building physical barriers (like walls and fences), enhancing surveillance technology, and increasing border patrol staffing.

2. Funding - Allocate money for border security initiatives, including infrastructure improvements, technology upgrades (drones, sensors, and cameras), and additional border personnel.

3. Collaboration - Foster cooperation among federal, state, and local agencies, as well as with Mexican authorities, to improve intelligence sharing and coordination in combating human trafficking, drug smuggling, and other border-related crimes.

4. Investment - Focus our resources on advanced technology to enhance border monitoring and enforcement capabilities.

5. Enforcement - Adjust policies to deter illegal crossings, such as implementing stricter penalties for unlawful entry and incentivizing local law enforcement agencies to actively administer federal immigration laws.

Illegal immigration into America undermines working families more than most people realize. Inflation is bad; an illegal workforce is even worse.

Oklahoma deserves leaders in Congress who will offer more than lip service to this rapidly growing crisis. We must take command of the wheel and reverse course. The livelihood and legacy we leave for our children depend on it.