Shelby Myers Jr

January 06, 2021

Shelby Myers, age 77, passed away Dec. 27, 2020, in Comanche where he was a lifetime resident, business man and local artist.

Shelby was the owner of Jr’s hardware and liquor store. He enjoyed painting, reading and writing. His paintings are still enjoyed by many people.

Shelby’s paintings are on many buildings and hung in many local businesses within the town.

Shelby was always trying to extend his knowledge in reading and writing. One quote that will always remain in his grandchildren’s heart is, “You can learn a lot more by watching and listening than you can by talking.”

Shelby is survived by his wife Cleo, brother Dan, son James and daughter Vickie. Three grandchildren Desiree, Valarie and pouse Donald, Joseph and spouse Sammie. He also leaves behind six great-grandchildren Amariah, Jadelyn, Luke, Sahara, Cooper and Tyler.

Per Shelby’s wishes, he was cremated and laid to rest with family and there will be no services to follow.