Stadium/field guidelines

September 03, 2020

- Social Distancing rules are in effect at all events. If social distancing cannot be achieved masks are recommended.

- Masks must be worn while entering any Comanche School District building.

- For football games: The home band will be on the northeast corner of the field. The visitor’s band will sit on the visitor side in the far east bleachers.

- For football games: The far East side of the home stands will be the Comanche student section. Students are highly recommended to wear masks due to a lack of social distancing.

- Students/Children MUST remain in stands *Exception going to the bathroom and concession

- There will be NO ONE allowed on the field before or after games.

- Sideline passes will be issued by the athletic director. Only people with sideline passes will be allowed on the field. Visitors, please contact your athletic director for pass requests. (coaches excluded)

- Tournaments/Running Events. Teams should “social distance” from stands or gathering areas as much as possible while not participating. We ask all teams to not sit in the stands when not participating.

- For softball games: Lawn chairs are encouraged alongside fences to promote social distancing.

- For football games: Lawn chairs are encouraged in areas along the fence where it will not interfere with others’ line of sight or hinder the use of sidewalks.