CPS staff goes above and beyond to cope with COVID obstacles

May 19, 2021

The Comanche Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Board members accepted the resignations of Curtis Shahan, and approved various other routine consent agenda items, including the minutes of the special and regular board meetings held in April, activity fund reports, and the treasurer’s report. The board also approved contracts for various special services. Also approved were encumbrances in the general, building, and building bond funds.

Superintendent Julie Bills updated the board on the extra duties the staff have performed this year related to COVID. She informed the board that staff members had gone above and beyond to ensure that the district was able to continue to provide educational and extra-curricular opportunities for students. The board approved a one-time stipend for certified and support personnel.

Mrs. Bills shared with the board an explanation prepared by Mr. Davidson of how the Cares Act COVID 19 stimulus grant, the competitive Incentive Grant, the Cares Hot Spot Grant, and the Cares Act Special Education Support Grant funds had been utilized. Bills shared that a portion of the ESSER II funds will be utilized to replace teacher computers, portions of the HVAC systems, pay the one-time teacher stipend, and summer school stipends.

Superintendent Bills explained the goal is to prepare the district for current and expected funding shortfalls while keeping class size numbers low. The vision is to continue to provide staff and opportunities to enhance learning outcomes for students. ESSER III funds will be available for the next four years to allow for shortfalls.

Summer projects will begin next week and include, painting and tiling the HS hallway, tiling MS bathrooms, installing vape detectors, and replacing HVAC units as necessary.

Bills updated the board on the golf and track team state championship appearances and the remainder

of end of year activities, including graduation.

Superintendent Bills noted that the district and site levels were verified with no deficiencies for accreditation. She shared that there is an ODOT project that will include utility replacement along the road frontage.

There will need to be an easement adjustment. This is still in the discussion phase.

Bills also asked the board to adopt a resolution in response to the March 25, 2021 action of the State Board of Education as it relates to school funding changes.

In other action, the Board of Education approved the rehiring of certified faculty members

currently serving on continuing and temporary contracts, as well as certified employees serving in a

support role for the 2020-21 fiscal year. The board also approved the hiring of Tyler Testerman in a MS

math position, Aimee Watson as an elementary reading tutor, and Jarod King as a high school instructor

and baseball coach. Bills said. “While we still have openings for a few positions, I am excited about our new team members and how they will contribute to the districts vision.”