McEntire named Milbank Fellow

September 08, 2021

Rep. Marcus McEntire, R-Duncan, has been selected as a Milbank Fellow for next year.

The Milbank Memorial Fund Fellows Program is a new, one-year leadership program for executive branch and senior legislative state and large county government leaders who are committed to improving population health in their communities.

"I am honored to be chosen by the Milbank Foundation to participate with 14 other state leaders across the nation in this fellowship program,” McEntire said. “Almost all policy innovations in healthcare originate within the states; this opportunity will allow me to see what other states are doing and tell them what we are doing here to improve our population's health. Oklahoma has unique public health needs and I hope to learn how to better address our challenges and take advantage of opportunities in today’s complex health policy environment."

The Milbank Memorial Fund is a nonpartisan foundation focused on improving the health of communities and entire populations. For over 30 years the Fund has built networks of state leaders from across the country and political spectrum who are committed to using evidence and experience to develop policies to improve population health.

Through the new program, fellows will:

- Gain new knowledge about specific population health issues, interdisciplinary health and human services systems, and evidence-based approaches to improving population health;

- Expand their leadership capacities to articulate and drive forward a population health vision;

- Create meaningful connections with resources and a network, so they can leverage their new knowledge and capacities to take action in their state; and

- Engage with senior leaders at the Milbank Memorial Fund and their network of state population health experts.

Led by expert trainers and current and former state policymakers, this program will advance the work of 12 to 15 participants to address challenges and opportunities in today’s complex health policy environment.

Nominees were selected for the program based on:

- Their position and authority to implement or change state policy, public program design or financing to advance population health;

- Experience in health policy, public health and/or human services programs demonstrated by professional experience and/or lived experience;

- A commitment to advancing policies and programs that address the social drivers of health, reduce racial and other health disparities, and create equal opportunity for all populations;

- An orientation toward collaboration and the ability and willingness to work with colleagues and stakeholders to find common ground and advance change;

- An interest in being part of a national network of leaders working with the Milbank Memorial Fund to improve population health.

McEntire will serve as a fellow starting this month through June 2022.

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