Murder suspect nabbed in Comanche

September 14, 2021

A man wanted in a murder investigation out of Lawton was arrested at a residence in Comanche on Monday afternoon.

Coyante Jacoy Williams, 21, is the suspect involved in the shooting of Lawton resident Kalob Porter behind a home on NW 53rd Street last Wednesday evening.

The warrant for Williams arrest said he was being sought for shooting with intent to kill, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

However, Comanche police chief Bill Straily said that Porter died earlier Monday, upping the charges to homicide. Williams is believed to have gang ties in Lawton. Another victim was shot in the stomach and she is still recovering in the hospital.

According to a Comanche police report, Straily assisted the U.S. Marshals and Stephens County Sheriff’s Office on the execution of the warrant on the residence on the 600 block of Grimes.

According to Straily, a tip was called in to Crimestoppers about Williams being at the residence. The Lawton Police Department was notified and they notified the marshals. They came to Comanche along with the sheriff’s department to make the arrest.

According to the report, when the police knocked on the door and made an announcement they were there an older couple exited the home. They were taken to safety by deputies and were informed that Williams and a female were still inside in a back bedroom.

After about five minutes of talking, Straily and a marshal were able to talk the female out of the home where she was taken to safety by deputies.

The officers continued to yell at Williams to come out of the house and after about 15 minutes, Williams complied and came out of the bedroom with his hands up and a cell phone in one hand. Once Williams had come outside, Straily handcuffed him and put him under arrest. He was transported by Stephens County deputies to the Lawton Police Department where he was handed over to detectives.

The report said that Williams had been talking with his grandmother on the phone and that she helped talk him into surrendering.

A search of the home led to the discovery of a handgun believed to possibly be the gun used in the homicide.