Two women arrested for burglary of house

October 28, 2021

Two women were arrested for allegedly burglarizing a house in Comanche on Sunday morning.

According to a Comanche Police Report, arrested were Janae Barnes, 33, of Comanche and Kasey LaDawn Elliott, 42.

The report stated a call came into the Comanche Police Department about a burglary in progress in the 400 block of Ash in Comanche. A witness stated that he had seen two women crawl through a window of a vacant house and were loading stuff into a pickup truck.

When Chief Bill Straily arrived, there was no one around the house, but he did see several items stacked outside of the open windows of the house. The witness stated the women had left shortly before the officer arrived.

The officer went inside the house to look around and after exiting spotted the truck described by the witness a block south of the residence. Straily followed in his vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The truck stopped in front of the residence on Patterson.

The driver, Elliott, stated she had lent her truck to Barnes. The driver stated Barnes had told her that she had left her phone in the residence and wanted to go get it.

There were items in the truck that Barnes said Elliott could have. She was read her Miranda Rights and told Straily where the rest of the items were along with Barnes. They went to a residence on S. 9th Street where Barnes was believed to be.

Items from the burglarized house were allegedly found at the home on S. 9th Street.

When confronted with being seen burglarizing the home, Barnes allegedly told Straily that she had gone to retrieve the phone that she didn’t find. She allegedly told Straily she had taken the items because she was moving and need it for a new rent house.

Both were arrested for burglary and breaking and entering and were taken to the Stephens County Jail.

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