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by Todd Brooks

Comanche is one of four teams (Davis, Frederick and Lindsay are the others) currently tied for second in District 2A-4 (4-2 district records) which means one of those four teams will be the odd one out come next Friday night.

Coincidentally or by divine providence, those teams will match up next Friday with Lindsay at Comanche and Davis at Frederick.

With the teams playing each other, it also guarantees there will be no three-way ties, everything will be decided head-to-head.

Here is what a win means for Comanche:

A win by the Indians and they are 100% guaranteed a spot. If Frederick beats Davis, Comanche gets the No. 2 seed and will host a first-round game. If Davis beats Frederick, Comanche gets the No. 3 seed and will travel in the first round.

Here is what a loss means for Comanche:

A loss to Lindsay still gives the Indians a 50-50 shot to make the playoffs. In order to make it, they would need Davis to beat Frederick, forcing a tie between Frederick and Comanche with the Indians winning head-to-head. A win by Frederick means Davis wins the tiebreaker with Comanche and the Indians are the odd man out of the playoffs.

It basically comes down to this, if Comanche beats Lindsay, Indian fans will want Frederick to beat Davis. If Lindsay beats Comanche, Indian fans will want Davis to beat Frederick.


District 2A-3, which matches up with 2A-4 in the first round, is a little more settled, but still won't be set until next Friday.

Washington and Community Christian have already secured the top two spots. Bethel and Purcell play next week to determine the three and four seeds.

If Comanche gets the No. 2 seed, they will host the winner of Bethel and Purcell game. If Comanche is the No. 3 seed, they will travel to Community Christian. If Comanche is the No. 4 seed, they will travel to Washington.

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