Alvarado named Teacher of the Year

April 07, 2022

 Comanche Public Schools would like to congratulate Anthony Alvarado for being selected Comanche Public Schools 2022 Teacher of the Year. “Our students and staff are blessed to have him as part of our school community, he makes our district a better place and leads by example. Mr. Alvarado will represent Comanche Public Schools next fall through his application for State Teacher of the Year,” said Superintendent Bills.

A few words from Mr. Alvarado:

“First of all, I would just like to say how honored I am to have been voted for the Teacher of the Year award. It means so much to me to be respected and recognized by the great staff we have at Comanche Public Schools.  Thank you very much.  

“I graduated from Duncan High School in 2000 and began to attend East Central University in 2001.  I graduated from Cameron University in 2018 and became a Spanish teacher at CHS the very same year.  Although I have been a certified teacher for the past four years, I began my career as a teacher assistant at FAME Academy in 2015. The three years I spent at FAME was extremely valuable, helping to shape me into the teacher that I am today.  

“As a young man in college, I switched my major three times and really struggled to decide on a career.  I honestly always wanted to be a teacher, but I did not feel confident enough in myself to follow that path.  As someone who is not a native Spanish speaker and who learned the language in school, I was not sure that I would be good enough to teach our youth.  Undecided on a career, I took a break from school and supported my wife in her journey to become a nurse.   

“I am a teacher, but my number one job in this world is being a father.  I have two children, Jeremiah and Jordyn.  My son is 13 years old and my daughter is 11 years old.  I have been married for 21 years to my wife, Lily.  We are high school sweethearts who began dating as freshmen. At the age of 33, I finally decided to finish my education and follow my original dream of becoming a high school teacher.  

“This year has been very busy for me. I currently teach Spanish I and II, and also have a weightlifting class. I am the sponsor of both the Spanish Club and the National Honor Society. In addition, I was able to start a food pantry at the high school this year through the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, with the help of Mrs. Ressel and Mrs. Morgan. The pantry provides free food to any students of CPS that may have a need. We also have a clothes closet and hygiene closet set up in the same room. I have a great group of students, who help me pick up our food shipment each month and have helped organize the pantry room.  After school each day, I walk to the elementary school and pick up students who belong to middle school and high school staff members. I also lift weights after school with a small group of young men here at CHS, and I am taking a few guys to some powerlifting meets this year.

“I love what I do, but most importantly, I feel like I am doing what God wants me to do. I also believe that being a teacher means more than just being an educator. Many students feel comfortable talking to me about things that are going on in their lives. I strive to be a mentor and a positive role model to these young men and women every day. My teaching philosophy is very simple. First and foremost, I want my students to know that I am here for them and that I truly care. Second, I want them to learn some Spanish and enjoy my class as much as possible. I am very blessed to be part of Comanche Public Schools.”