School board contemplates hiring resource officer

April 21, 2022

The Comanche Board of Education met April 12. In the regular session, members approved various routine consent agenda items, including the minutes of the March board meeting, activity fund reports, and the treasurer’s report, along with General Fund, Building Fund, and Child Nutrition encumbrances. The board also voted to approve the contract with ODOT regarding the compensation for the Right-of-Ways relative to the road widening project on Highway 53.

Instructor Jeri McCauley shared with the board a video showcasing what the MS Coding students are learning. Students are learning coding through the Acellus Program which has robot stations, and programs. Mrs. McCauley shared her passion for teaching and explained how coding helps students learn to collaborate through a format that is now relevant to nearly everything we do.

Mrs. Bills discussed with the board the possibility of a resource officer for the 22-23 school year.

She shared that the City and Chief Straily have proposed a partnership between the school and the city. The Leadership Team and school staff believe an SRO on campus would benefit the district.

Bills said that one of the survey responses from a staff member sums up the dilemma all schools are facing: “It saddens me to think we may have a need for a resource officer, but we are living in a changed world, and community, where having a resource officer present or quickly available, would be beneficial for the safety of all.”

Bills also indicated that a resource officer would be there to develop relationships, increase communication, and address truancy concerns.

Bills is compiling a list of questions and will invite Chief Straily to the June board meeting to discuss roles and concerns. She asks that parents give their input by completing the survey sent by email/text.

Superintendent Bills also shared with the board the changes to the Technology Handbook and the CIPA (Child Internet Protection Agreement). The Emergency Connectivity grant submitted by Mr. Mannen is allowing the district to purchase 650 Chromebooks and 280 iPads. The warranty is limited as to how many times a device and chargers can be repaired and/or replaced.

The student usage fee covers accidents, but it will not cover repeated deliberate damage. Students are required to use school devices due to network security concerns. The major changes within the handbook are those relating to procedures, charges, and/or fees for lost, vandalized, and damaged devices.

Bills said, “In the last two years the district has seen an increase in Chromebooks that have been vandalized (thrown from vehicles, keys pried off, screens and cases etched).”

In other business, the board held their annual election of officers, and Cheryl Pannell was sworn in for Seat 2. JP Peacock announced his resignation from the Board of Education, Seat 4.