Local OHCE groups unveil barn quilt block

July 28, 2022

Members representing the four Stephens County OHCE (Oklahoma Home & Community Education) were in attendance on Monday morning as fairground workers hung the barn quilt block on the front peak of the arena.

The four OHCE groups - Comanche Homemakers, Gleaners, Sunshine and Oak College - all participated in the quilt block. The quilt block has a total area of eight feet by eight feet. The job was quartered off between the four groups and they were all responsible for painting a block.

This particular pattern was chosen by the clubs because of its patriotic theme.

OHCE members, with support of the Oklahoma  Cooperative Extension Service Ambassadors  Grants, have organized a barn quilt trail across Stephens County. More than 110 blocks have been painted for display in Stephens County, The Fair and Expo Center will be the hub of the quilt trail to encourage tourism in Stephens County.