Communities rally around player: Jones back home as he recovers from injuries

by Todd Brooks

NORMAN, Okla. - The play looked innocent enough. Comanche wide receiver Payton Jones stretched out to attempt to catch a pass from quarterback Colby Shannon. The ball bounced off his outstretched hands and the junior fell to the ground appearing to fall on his shoulder in the Indians’ game against Community Christian last Friday night.

There was no vicious hit from a Royals’ defender as Jones landed. The defender that had been covering him and hit him from behind got up and walked away. Jones did not.

The first general consensus was a broken collar bone from the way he landed. But, Jones did not move - at all.

The Community Christian trainer, who had gone out to attend to Jones, started talking into the ear hole of his helmet and then was inches away talking into his facemask. She got out her phone and placed a call.

It then became evident to everyone in attendance, this was no broken collar bone.

Jones laid on the field motionless for 20 minutes or more. During that time, the public address announcer said a prayer over the loudspeaker.

First responders made their way to the field. As they began the process to load Jones into the ambulance, the Comanche football team made its way from the sideline to where Jones was being attended to. A couple of minutes later, the Community Christian team joined them as the two teams that had been battling just a short time before, were now joining together in support of Jones.

After Jones was loaded into the ambulance, both teams knelt on the field and Community Christian coach Mat McIntosh said a prayer.

Social media became abuzz with requests for prayer for Jones.

The prayers must have worked because Jones returned to school on Monday. His football season is over but he is on the mend.

His parents, Patrick and Lacey Jones, kept well-wishers updated with Facebook posts on their Facebook account.

In the update posted on Sunday, the Jones announced their son would be coming home and that he had a backbone injury that might require some physical therapy and some internal lacerations that would heal on their own.

They were thankful of the support they received from both communities.

“We would like to thank the CCS community for everything you have done for us,” the post said. “Everyone stopped everything to pray several prayers over our boy. You all showed tremendous respect and I hope each and everyone of you know how much we appreciate it. To our hometown and surrounding areas, we can not thank you enough as well. Thank you all for showing your support, love and especially your prayers.”

Payton passed along thanks as well through his parents.

“Payton would like to thank everyone for everything but especially our CHS cheerleaders and parents for the snack basket, CHS coaches, Comanche schools, Community Christian cheer and parents for their snack basket as well as the CCS trainer for the balloons and everyone coming to see him,” the post said. “He is especially thankful for all the progress (he has made).”

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